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Music for Choirs


Prices indicated are per copy made from the PDF. Minimum purchase - 6 copies


Song Description Price
Bound for South Australia. A challenging version of this Australian folksong with a jazz-style ending. SSATBarB. Available at SingScore. $3.00
Advance Australia Fair (National Anthem) A sweet version of this famous anthem. SSAA $2.00
Waltzing Matilda (optional additional didgeridoo) A popular new tune combined with the original and Queensland versions, along with Aboriginal chant. SSATBarB, SSSAA or TTBarB versions at SingScore, for SATB version, apply to view score. $3.00
Click go the Shears. A new tune and a new groove to this exciting folk song.TTBarB or SATB with piano versions (backing track $5) available at SingScore. SSATBarB Apply to view score. $3.00
What do we do with a Drunken Sailor? A rollicking classic folk song - this one will keep you on your toes! Versions with or without guitars. SSATBarB. $3.00
Cockles and Mussels. This gorgeous tune has some added vocal effects to finish. SSATBarB. Versions with guitars, or with piano, or with piano and oboe. SSA version with piano (and piano backing track $5) found at SingScore. $3.00
Waly, Waly. A classic tune in an easy-to-sing arrangement. SATB With piano. $2.00
Lament for the Boat People/Skye Boat Song. A combination of a mass and a folk song, this piece laments the death of ‘boat people’. SSATBarB with guitars. $3.00
Shallow Brown. This English classic folksong is arranged for 6 voices. Versions with or without guitars. SSATBarB. $3.00
Blow the Wind Southerly. An English folksong. SSATBarB with guitars. $3.00
The Cuckoo. A quirky folksong about the fickleness of men. SSATBarB with recorder. Available at SingScore. $3.00
Love is Born (Michael Leunig poem) An ecstatic new composition based on the Leunig poem. SSATBarB with piano. $3.00
Dome. A challenging and ecstatic piece about a fire which destroyed the Exhibition Building in the Botanic Gardens in Sydney. SSATBarB with piano or SSAA with piano. $3.00
Kyrie. A simple and beautiful arrangement of this liturgical text. SSATBarB a cappella version, or with string quartet, or with organ. $3.00
Agnus Dei. A gorgeous setting of this liturgical text. 5 parts (SATBarB) and soprano solo. A cappella version, or with piano, or organ, or string quartet. $3.00
Bee Ba Bee (contains improvisation). This score allows you to devise your own piece, depending on the capacity of your group.Flexible parts. $2.00
Silent Night. A slow funk version of the classic for a 4-part jazz sound. TTBarB. SATB version available at SingScore. $2.00
We Wish you a Merry Christmas. A challenging arrangement of this Christmas classic complete with the sounds of ice-skaters. SSATBarB available at SingScore. $3.00
Away in a Manger. A rich and sweet version of this carol. SSATBarB. $2.00
The Darkest Midnight. Ancient and mysterious, this rarely-sung tune is reworked with vocal effects. SSATBarB $3.00
A Christmas Lullaby. A new tune to the words of Silent Night, this is a popular choice. SSATBarB with piano accordion. $3.00
Twinkle, Twinkle little Star. A reimagining of this children’s song with a modern groove, SSATBarB. SA with piano (piano backing track $5) available at SingScore. $3.00


© Copyright 2017 - Ruth McCall
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